What’s Your Favorite Hotel?

I like the Mirage too (for all the reasons Zdad listed, except the highway thing).

Being a straight woman, I was blown away by the scene at the pool. Not so hot guys, unfortunately (and they all look alike with the shaved head, surfer trunks and turned around baseball hat). But the most out of proportion implants I have ever seen! These women would be size 0 from behind, then turn around to reveal these watermelon torpedo looking things! It was pretty comical. —https://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/forums/americas-united-states-of-america/united-states/what-s-your-fav-hotel-in-vegas?page=1#post_11963634

Without a doubt – you should stay at the Chicago Athletic Hotel. It just opened and it’s amazing. It’s this old gentlemen’s club turned hotel – think smoke filled rooms and mahogany walls.

There’s a Shake Shack on the ground floor, an awesome bar on the rooftop, and another bar with a huge game room with indoor bocce ball, pool tables, shuffleboard, etc & booze.

I swear I don’t work for them… It’s just a super cool place to hang out.


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