Houston’s Worst Freeways

As long as we’ve been featuring Houston, a/k/a, the Rocket City, we might as well address the big elephant in the room. Houston road ways are atrocious. When I visited there I regularly had to drive from the north side of town to the south side of town.

traffic acc deleteFirst of all, I need to mention that Houston is a giant sprawling city. My hotel was on the south side of town and the lawyer I was working for (a traffic accident lawyer…website here) was clear across town. I’ve never been in a city where you can literally drive for an hour and still be in the same ctiy, but that was my daily commute.

Anyway, while I was clerking for this lawyer, I wrote an article about the freeways in H-town and the ridiculous traffic in that city.

So here is my unofficial list of Houston’s worst freeways…

  • I-45…never ever take 45
  • Highway 290…avoid this at all cost
  • FM 1960…every day, at any time of day

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