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Texas Immigration Whether you’re a small business owner, an officer or general counsel at a large corporation, or an individual seeking legal advice, a competent and ethical attorney can provide you with the counsel and confidence you need to make informed decisions and gain priceless peace of mind. At The Solomon Law Firm, we provide high-caliber immigration law, business planning, and business litigation services to individuals and commercial clients of all sizes and specialties.

The Solomon Law Firm, PC
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Houston’s Worst Freeways

As long as we’ve been featuring Houston, a/k/a, the Rocket City, we might as well address the big elephant in the room. Houston road ways are atrocious. When I visited there I regularly had to drive from the north side of town to the south side of town.

traffic acc deleteFirst of all, I need to mention that Houston is a giant sprawling city. My hotel was on the south side of town and the lawyer I was working for (a traffic accident lawyer…website here) was clear across town. I’ve never been in a city where you can literally drive for an hour and still be in the same ctiy, but that was my daily commute.

Anyway, while I was clerking for this lawyer, I wrote an article about the freeways in H-town and the ridiculous traffic in that city.

So here is my unofficial list of Houston’s worst freeways…

  • I-45…never ever take 45
  • Highway 290…avoid this at all cost
  • FM 1960…every day, at any time of day

Trip To Oklahoma

This video finishes my trip to OK. Hope you all enjoyed.
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Visiting California

I visited California for the FIRST time EVER this summer!! It has been a BIG dream of mine to be able to visit California since I was little kid! This summer I had the privilege of traveling to California for the first time, but not only that, but I was lucky enough to meet my internet friends Christo, Courtney, Ty, and Montana!! It was absolutely insane meeting these crazy talented and awesome people in real life! It’s as if we all met in person before! We all got a long so well! In the short time that I was there we went to so many places, and created memories that’ll last a lifetime! California has such incredible views, and it holds a very special place in my heart!! Thank you so much Christo, Courtney, Montana, and Ty for making my first ever trip to California one of the most memorable and incredible experiences of my life!!







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